Hellp people of this planet,

This is meganoobb tech here. This is my “web site” (for now) that is used to educate you guys about the world of technologie or tech for short. This site is the hub for anyone or more specifically… NOOBS who want to learn a little more about tech and other cool stuff.

This site is mainly a place to keep you updated about my YouTube activity. Obviously my YouTube site is:



There you will find lot’s of videos such as:

– Tutorials

– Unboxings

– Reviews

– Playthroughs

– V-logs


My YouTube account is mainly run by me, but my friends help out sometimes to make the process faster! You know how Danboe (creator of the “Annoying Orange) said that he would be posting a new video every Friday, well I’m kinda doing the same sort of thing. I will post a new video every Sunday (if I can). You know how things come up. I can’t guaranty that I will post a new video every Sunday because c’mon guys, I’m only 14. But what I can guaranty is that I will post a video here first, wait about half a day, then post it on YouTube. How does that sound? Comment, Rate, Subscribe! LOL!

One last thing before I go, every Sunday along with posting a new video, I will also post my random word of the week.


Peace off guys, I’ll talk again on Sunday


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